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"My family and I have been dealing with Mega Pawn for years and we are always impressed with their professionalism and the ease of working with them! The entire staff knows exactly what they are selling and it makes us feel like we are buying from a high-end retail store, but we're paying less than half the price!" - Amy, Charleston, SC

"I buy from and sell to Mega Pawn on a regular basis and it's so easy. They give me good deals on all of the items I sell and the staff is always really friendly. I will continue to take all of my business to them!" - Scott, North Charleston, SC

"I literally buy all my jewelry at Mega Pawn! I used to pay way more than I had to at a traditional jewelry store. Then I found Mega Pawn. It looks like I spent a fortune - but I actually spent so little it's unbelievable. Now I've got my boyfriend shopping for me there too!" - Pam, Daniel Island, SC

"I recently divorced my husband and was going through a hard time. I wanted to get away, but couldn't afford the travel expenses, so I sold Mega Pawn my engagement ring and was able to take my solo dream vacation to Cancun! They staff was great and made process short, sweet, and easy." - Abby, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I saved mega bucks at Mega Pawn. Seriously!" - David, Summerville, SC